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Maddie O'Leary

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My Story

I was born in Canada, but my family moved to Mexico when I was 3. It was there, years later, between visiting farms and walking dogs at the shelter, that I began my life with animals. We moved back to Canada when I was 12, and in high school, I volunteered at the Toronto Wildlife Centre. Here, I developed a deep passion for veterinary medicine and for wildlife. I was very fortunate to be involved with the ‘nursery’, helping and caring for orphaned squirrels.

Not surprisingly, I enrolled at Seneca College, graduating with honours as a Veterinary Technician in 2018. I spent my next year working at Ontario Veterinary College, handling a variety of species, with a special focus on avian and exotic pets; it was an amazing year. From there I moved to Toronto Humane Society in their various departments. I find helping to maintain the human animal bond deeply gratifying. 

Outside of work, I love adventure and travel; visiting my family in Mexico or going camping with my partner and dog Maya. At home, we share our space with 2 cats, Thor and Kronk, or perhaps more correctly in cat terms - they tolerate us in their space!

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