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Mischa Thompson

Favourite Food? Spicy Garlic Pasta

Favourite Place? Hernando Island, BC

Dogs or Cats? Cats

My Story

Mischa was born and raised in Vancouver BC, and moved to Toronto in August of 2020. Together with her partner Chris, and their little cat Momo, they packed up their Toyota Camry and drove across the country to start a new adventure. Being born and raised in BC, it comes as no surprise that she is an avid nature lover and outdoors enthusiast. 

In her spare time, you can find her running or walking the Don River Trail, exploring Evergreen Brick Works, or getting her fix of the beach and waterfront at Woodbine Beach. She loves to bake (which her partner appreciates), read, and visit local craft breweries. 

Mischa graduated from Douglas College, BC in 2017, where she received her diploma in Veterinary Technology. She has since worked in small animal clinics, honing her skills as a Registered Veterinary Technician, and enjoying every minute of it. 

She has a great love for all animals, and has had her fair share of interesting pets growing up, including stick bugs, hamsters, fish, rabbits, leopard geckos, dogs, and cats. She hopes to add more sweet furry faces to her family soon, and also wishes to one day volunteer at non-profit pet rescues in India, Mexico, and/or Greece.

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