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Aurelija Rešotkaite

Favourite Food? Cheese


Favourite Place? France

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

My Story

Aurelia was born and raised in Lithuania. After high school she moved to London and then later in 2012 moved to Aberdeen, Scotland, where she completed an Animal Care course at the college of North East Scotland . After a few years exploring the beautiful and historical Scottish countryside, she moved back to London and worked in a veterinary clinic, as well as completing a grooming course at a private dog grooming studio. Aurelija is by nature an explorer and traveller, who loves a good adventure. She has travelled extensively from Europe to Asia, meeting new people and immersing in new cultures .


Luckily for us, her travels have brought her to Canada and we are thrilled to have her on our team. She is an avid cyclist (declaring her bike is her best friend!) and enjoys the outdoors when not in the clinic . She was also a Foster parent at the Toronto Humane society until she adopted Boomer, her Australian Cattle dog /Red heeler rescue - see her smile when she talks about this new love in her life! Aurelija is thoughtful, compassionate and excited to assist you and your pet.

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