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Dr. Lindsay Paterson

Favourite Food? Sushi and Carrot Cake (But Not Together!)

Favourite Place? Scotland

Favourite Animal? Pigs

My Story

I was born in Scotland and later immigrated to South Africa where I completed my education and qualified from Onderstepoort, University of Pretoria. I spent many years working in small animal practice and completing my post graduate honours degree, before joining the Johannesburg SPCA in 1990 as Assistant Chief Veterinarian. As a team of five vets we also gave veterinary care to the African township of Soweto. Here I spent two fascinating years and gained a huge amount of experience covering a range of medical and surgical problems, many not frequently seen in normal private practice.


I then decided to open my own clinic in Sandton, north of Johannesburg, where I spent the next ten years running a smaller, very personal practice, getting to know the clients well, their pets and often their extended families - two and four legged.


While awaiting our Canadian immigration application approval, I spent a glorious year working in private practice in Aberdeen, Scotland. Despite the beautiful countryside, wonderfully friendly people and colleagues, as I was unable to find a Scottish castle to fit my budget, I continued on to Canada as originally planned.


In 2005 I completed my North American Veterinary Licensing Exams and worked for the next four years at Lawrence Veterinary Clinic, and then later worked for the Toronto Humane Society. During this period I also took time off to visit India and volunteered with Vets Beyond Borders in Sikkim, a beautiful country, wonderful people and a very rewarding experience.

Having been lured by the pleasant "village" atmosphere of this location on Summerhill Avenue, I felt it was very suited to the smaller more personalized style clinic I enjoy. I had had my eye on the spot for years and was delighted when it finally became available.


Between raising five children (with music, hockey, tennis, judo, ballet etc. ) and running my own clinic in South Africa, there was little time for personal hobbies -absolutely no regrets. However in my next life I will learn to play the piano, fly a helicopter, make stained glass windows, do falconry and competition dressage and own that Scottish castle- complete with personal chef !


Now, as an empty nester, I now have two yorkies, Pixie and Abi - who are often seen running off leash and out of control in Chorley Park!

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